118th Canton Fair Feedback:Costume T-shirt Getting Popular

As a professional sublimation priting T-shirt supplier, Favor Fashion Co.Ltd attends Canton Fair every year, every phase. On the fair, we meet our old friends, also make acquaintance with some new friends.

It was very nice to attend the 118th Canton Fair from Oct. 23rd to Oct. 27th too. Comparing with the sessions we attened before, the attended customers this phase is less than before which might be the result of the less stable global market condition.

However, less but not worse, because we met more strong potential customers. People cherished the fair time more than before to find high quality items.

After a few months of development, our company launched some new designs of costume T-shirts and they are very popular on the fair.

Here we are sharing some pictures from the fair as follows:




This Lederhosen designs which was made for our Germany customer is really popular. After the fair, our got some orders from some branded costume company in Spain, USA and Netherland.


Here we were talking order details with our customer. This customer loves our designs very much. All our designs are 100% orginally developed by our design team.


We were very glad that the show finished successfully. Hope our business getting more and more prosperous. We attends the fair every year to present many new unique designs to our customers every year, every phase.

Hope to see you at the fair too someday if you are also interested in our products. 🙂