Our Team

Favor Fashion Co., Ltd is a big family and an excellent team.

Mr. Burak and Ms. Fanny are our General Manager and Vice General Manager, who are experienced in garment industry for many years. They take over the Sales Department who is responsible for expanding the foreign business, servicing the customers and contributing to the order.

There are 6 members in the Sales Department they represent the clients in the company.And do their best to service all Favor Fashion customers.

Our Design Department is an excellent design team. We have 4 outstanding designers in our company. They have years of experience to making the new attractive designs for our customers’ requirements.

And our Production Department is a strong team, which is divided into two branches one is responsible for ornaments, accessories and the documentary. And the other branch is garments and apparels. There are 8 members in production dept. doing their best to send best quality products for our customer.

We often organize special activities to keep our teams spirits high.

These are some of our activities

Three days holiday to XIAMEN on Sept.12-14,2014

Military training in the Huangpu Military Academy on Aug.2-3,2014

CS FIELD GAME of Qingyuan on March16,2013

On December 22, 2012 the winter solstice night at Turkey Restaurant for dinner.

We spent Christmas Eve together on December 24, 2012 .

Our team at KTV at the night of August 3, 2012.